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A Bit About Me

My name is Austin Schrock. I began my youtube journey of content creation about 3 years ago. I was all over the place, doing vlogs and random videos that basically were only entertainment. Recently I decided that this is something I want to get more serious about. I began thinking, "What has inspired me on youtube, and what would I want to watch?" 

What was born was the idea of "Create the best possible version of yourself" which has become a common thread through my channel. I aim my content towards others like me, who feel like self-improvement, and productivity is the best ways to regain control of our lives, in a world that feels like it controls us. I won't sell you a product. I offer you control.

This website then is the central hub of my vision, and where all my content will flow through. You can find my youtube videos, I also will be taking my scripts and making blog posts, so I can expound on areas that the videos cannot. I want to build a mindset here. I want others to leave my content with a new view of themselves and new mindsets. Because, how we think directly correlates to how we act. So by changing our thoughts, we then change our lives. 

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